A key way retailers are able to keep EFTPOS fees low is to use an efficient solution. We recommend TYRO to our Point of Sale software customers and have done for some time.

While we interface direct to major banks through PC Eftpos, we prefer TYRO as it’s easier to setup, easier to maintain, faster and more stable in our experience as a software company as as retailers.

Using TYRO, retailers enjoy:

  1. Fast EFTPOS processing … in seconds.
  2. Fewer mistakes … as keystrokes are eliminated thanks to a direct to POS software connection.
  3. Easier query resolution … thanks to excellent customer service from TYRO.
  4. Low operational fees … thanks to a competitive offer from TYRO.
  5. Easier takings reconciliation … thanks the integrated relationship.

TYRO offers an excellent EFTPOS solution which helps retailers keep EFTPOS fees down and thereby reduces the need to pass these on to consumers.