Small business gift shops in Australia are competing with mass merchant gift retailers by offering more value for money backed by personal and knowledgable service. They are doing this by using our gift shop software to focus on shopper touch points, adding value through service.

For example, some gift products are more easily sold when knowledge is shared about uses for a gift. Our POS software makes the storing and sharing of this by product item easier. It can ensure that all employees in a gift shop are as knowledgeable about an item as the person most expert in the item.

It is this level of personal and knowledgable service which helps small business gift shops separate themselves from mass merchants.

Underscoring sales in gift shops using our software is the loyalty facilities … tools which enable the retailer to offer points for purchase, points which can be converted to shopper dollars. This, too, helps small business gift shops compete with mass merchant retailers operating with gifts.

While some outlets continue to report doom and glom in retail, we prefer to focus on helping our retail communities to grow through service and reward.