Retailers using our Point of Sale software are able to work more commercially successfully with wholesalers through a range of facilities in our software designed to facilitate this.

By eliminating manual ordering of inventory and sharing accurate sales data, the retailer and wholesaler can more closely align their businesses to achieve what both want … sales of products.

The flow of sales data to a wholesaler can trigger purchases as the retail business requires. This can reduce stock being held in the storeroom. It can also provide the wholesaler with sales certainty and thereby reduce the opportunity for the retailer to look at alternative suppliers.

Our Point of Sale software becomes the glue for connecting wholesalers and retailers, building stronger and more valuable relationships for the benefit of both organisation.

retailers benefit from a lower inventory investment and increased sales – this is a double win.

Wholesalers benefit from greater certainty around sales and an ability to more accurately budget and serve their retail businesses.

Working with both suppliers and retailers helps us serve these businesses and their collective needs. This proves added value of our retail management solution for beyond the software we are able to explain and demonstrate how working together form a data flow perspective can help their businesses.

We are proud of our work in this area and appreciate the trust and engagement of retailers and wholesalers.