Jewellers from across Australia and New Zealand are invited to join in a life online workshop on business management and marking for jewellers. To be hosted by Tower Systems on August 2, 2012 and open to all jewellers, this free workshop is an opportunity for jewellers to talk with each other about retail trading conditions, what’s working for them, business management ideas and other topics relevant to jewellers who want to grow their businesses.

The Tower role is to provide the free platform … the rest is up to participating jewellers.

This is not a sales event. No, it’s an opportunity for jewllers to network without having to leave their businesses. It’s a genuine investment by Tower Systems for jewellers – to help them grow more valuable retail businesses.

Experience shows that the experts in manning and growing jewellery businesses are jewellers and their managers. This free online workshop taps into that expertise for the good of the jeweller channel in Australia and New Zealand.