It’s not often you get something for nothing in this world. Here at Tower Systems we buck the norm and deliver a free day of live and personal training to people purchasing a retail business using our current retail management software.

The free training is available to people when they purchase a retail business using our software. We can deliver the training before or after they take over.

We have been delivering this free training for years. Indeed, over the years we have delivered more than $250,000 worth of this training – at no cost to the participants or those selling their businesses.

We are proud of the benefits and our help in ensuring that new owners of a business have some knowledge of the software they will run in the business.

The training sessions can include one or more people from the business.  Once completed, participants have access to a suite of additional training resources such as training videos at no cost.

Once they settle into their new business, new retailers and their teams can tap into our professional help desk as well as weekly live training workshops delivered online.

The free training we provide to new retailers is another example of the Tower AdvantageTM.