One of the best endorsements a software company can receive is a customer purchasing their software for a new business they are opening. This month we have seen several of our customers do this, purchase our Point of Sale software for new businesses,  in a couple of difference marketplaces. What makes this even better is that they are not contractually obligated (or forced) to do this.

These purchases this month are a thrill for us as they reflect happiness with our software and services in their existing businesses to date. They also reflect confidence in retail, or particularly the retail businesses run by the clients involved. We’d like to think that our software plays a role in helping these retail businesses expand. Indeed, one customer told us last week that they would not be in a position to open their third outlet had it not been for their partnership with us.

Retailers installing our software into additional outlets have access to volume pricing not only for the software but also for support.

We have more existing customers considering expanding into additional outlets over the next few months. We’re thrilled to be part of the discussions around these opportunities.