Handling special orders can be a challenge for retailers. From tracking the requirement through to advising the customer that the special order has arrived and is available to be collected, the workload and paperwork can be daunting.

The smart retail management software from Tower Systems eliminates much of the time consuming work by structuring in the POS software the management of special orders.

For many years now our software has sent a text message to shoppers when their special order has arrived. Retailers tell us that this is how shoppers like to be notified. It’s simple, efficient and recorded on their phone at any time.

From the point of advice of available tracking right back to the request for a special order, the Tower software helps retailers to make the most of the special order opportunity. This can be money in the bank, serious money.

Now more than every small and independent retailers need to leverage service as their point of difference. Special orders provide an excellent opportunity for achieving this. Tower Systems is proud to help in this area of the business – in addition to many other areas of retail business operation.