We invest considerable time in relationships with suppliers to retailers using our software. From senior management to the operational level of our POS software company business we work with suppliers on a range of fronts.

The end result of this considerable work is better, more useful and more valuable relationships between retailers using our software and their suppliers.

Today, two of our senior management team have spend half a day with a key supplier to a retail channel in which we have more retailers using our software than any over company. We have been discussing software innovation for the benefit of the supplier and retailers using our software.  Our market share position means we are able to deliver a commercially valuable point of difference for our customers and their supplier.

Whereas in the past suppliers tried to bring a complete channel on a journey with them, it’s becoming ore evident that it is is easier and more beneficial to deal with a sub-section of the channel, like our user community.

We appreciate the opportunity to be part of strategic discussions at an early stage and to bring to the table practical ideas to benefit both sides with our software as the facilitator to wonderful benefits.