Comparing brochures is a great way to compare software companies, especially Point of Sale software companies where software design is vital to fast and accurate processing of sales at the counter and design drives business performance reporting.

Comparing brochures can inform a POS software prospect on a range of fronts:

  • Communication. that the message is clear. If the brochure is not clear in its message then you have to ask about the software.
  • Visual appeal. If the brochure is not appealing maybe the software is not appealing either. Unappealing software could impact productivity, cause mistakes and challenge employee engagement.
  • Professional quality. If the brochure is not of a professional design and production then maybe the software will fail on these fronts too.
  • Currency. If the brochures is not current, to what is expected in business today and to the aesthetics of today, then maybe the software fails here too.

Comparing maketing collateral for software companies is useful in these and other areas. Brochures and other marketing collateral provide an insight into the businesses seeking your business. It is fair to compare companies on the the collateral they produce and reasonable to expect that the collateral accurately represents their software products.

Here at Tower Systems we regularly revise and replace our marketing collateral including our printed material. The most recent review has resulted in a complete replacement of all print collateral. The new collateral has started to appear with the first viewing at trade shows starting last weekend and now today at the Home and Giving Fair.

We create marketing collateral to accurately reflect the benefits accessible through our software. We’ll gladly share our marketing collateral with anyone wanting to compare.