We are thrilled to be meeting over the next few days with suppliers of gift and homewares products to retailers. These meetings, in the halls of the Melbourne Gift Fair and the Home & Giving Fair, will further strengthen our position as specialist software supplier to gift and homewares retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

Our work with suppliers is pivotal in helping gift and homewares retailers build stronger and more valuable retail businesses. The next few days provide us an excellent opportunity to take our supplier related work to a new level while also talking with retailers on the trade show floor.

With the Australian Gift and Homewares Association as a partner, we are connecting with suppliers to help retailers in a practical way on the shop floor, in the back room and across the sales counter.

Suppliers play a vital role in driving the efficiencies retailers can derive from their software. We help suppliers help retailers in this area … as we will show over the next few days.