The Fifty Shades of Grey book is driving a terrific traffic boost for adult shops.  Retailers using our professional adult shop software are able to make the most of the bonus traffic thanks to smart business performance reporting, supplier connections and shopper marketing opportunities.

The Fifty Shades of Grey book is bringing many first time adult shop shoppers into businesses. This is providing adult shops an opportunity to show that their retail business are just like other retail businesses. Products have SKUs and barcodes, shoppers shop based on their interests, they appreciate loyalty programs and they tell their friends about good and bad experience.

Years ago, adult shops were considered to be places you’d whisper about. Today, the retail channel is big business. From our perspective, we have learnt plenty about retail by working with successful adult shop retailers and and some of their suppliers. We have also learnt more about product importing and how our software can help manage this from an inventory perspective.

Our adult shop software is like our retail business management software for other retail niches. It’s professional and helpful for business owners and managers who want to drive business performance.