Helping retailers transform their businesses.

This is our core pitch for our customers, sales prospects and ourselves. It’s on our collateral, trade show materials and here on this company blog.

Through our Point of Sale software, our customer service and other assistance, it’s what we do. By providing easy and understandable access to quality business data and backing this with business insights we are able to help our retail business partners to transform their businesses.

While there is (too) much noise about how tough retail is, there are many retailers transforming their businesses, achieving greater efficiency and a better bottom line performance by being smarter. Being smart starts with good business data. Curating good business data starts with good retail management software.  This is where we help.

The retail climate today is ideal for those embracing, even chasing, change. Our software helps identify change opportunities. Our retail experiences add value with business transforming insights.

This is the Tower AdvantageTM.