We have written to all newsagents with advice and assistance on navigating the changes coming for newspaper distribution as a result of the News Limited T2020 initiative.

Thanks to serving the majority of newsagents with newsagency software, we are well experienced and resourced to deliver genuine leadership on this to the channel as it navigates significant change.  here is the opening of the letter sent to all newsagents:

Tower Systems has been helping newsagents merge distribution businesses for many years. This, and our work with South Australian newsagents through the Migration Project, the forerunner to T2020, has given us experience vital to helping newsagents with T2020.

Just as T2020 is about rationalising newspaper distribution businesses, it is also about driving efficiency at a range of points in the newsagency channel.  We have already acquired the NewsPOS newsagency software business.  Another is in negotiation.

Tower Systems is committed, I am committed, to delivering newsagents software to meet T2020 and other industry standards, providing a technology platform for driving newsagency business efficiency and profitability.

We are also committed to helping retail newsagents navigate change and create more valuable retail businesses.

We serve distribution businesses today delivering in excess of 10,000 newspapers and serving more than 160 sub agents … and have done for many years.

We can and will help newsagents step up to handling scale.

Yes, there are challenges in moving form a business with a few hundred customers to being part of a business with, maybe, 10,000 customers. Good technology is vital.  We have people on our team and customers in our community who will help you face T2020.

By providing certainty and an outline of a plan, we are helping newsagents gain confidence that they can navigate the T2020 changes.