Jewellers using Jewellery Software from Tower Systems are able to make valuable business decisions that can free up thousands of dollars in investment in inventory.

Using Jeweller specific reports, developed with jewellers and their managers, retail jewellers are able to make buying decisions with confidence.

Jewellers and other retailers want more control over their business and our Point of Sale software delivers this.  In depth inventory performance assessment is at the heart of our Jeweller Software and easy to access and understand reporting drives better quality and faster business decisions by our customers.

Jewellers are able to leverage the facilities in our software and cut their investment in inventory without hurting sales. Indeed, smart Jewellers using our software reduce dead stock and spend the cash generated growing the business in other areas as uncovered through reporting in the software.

We are committed to continual improvement of our Jeweller software, to deliver benefits which Jewellers can access without the need to bring in and pay consultants and others to achieve what you can achieve with good software for yourselves.

Tower Systems currently counts in excess of 350 jewellers as customers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and other countries.