While there is plenty of media coverage about online retailers taking sales from high street retailers and how tough retail is, there are retailers, including bike retailers, who are growing stronger, more valuable businesses.

How are these retailers growing?

Growth in retail requires planning and commitment throughout the business.  It is vital that attention is paid to consumer touch points, placing the unique points of difference of the business in the spotlight.

Good businesses grow faster when growth strategies are encoded in business processes from the sales counter to the back room and are at the heart of supplier and employee relationships.

By leveraging in-store knowledge, experience and personal service, a high street bike shop can convert a browser into a shopper.  The keys are attention to detail, memorable personal service and a value proposition.

This is where good bike shop software implemented professionally can help.  It can also help drive operational efficiency and thereby give the business the financial means to be competitive.

There are bike shops doing this today, large and small, city and country.

But how can bike shop software do this?

  • Sales processes can be structured to drive consistency.
  • A loyalty program encourages your shopper to shop more frequently.
  • A contact follow up program can bring a customer back more often.
  • Marketing can be driven by email, mail and fax.
  • Mistakes at the sales counter, in ordering and in management can be reduced, freeing cash.
  • Selling can be made easier, thereby improving the shopper experience.
  • New marketing platforms are created: on receipts, at the counter and elsewhere.
  • Employees can be rewarded for above average sales – aligning their rewards with those of the business.
  • A common inventory file for an online store and a high street store.

Good bike shop software can help a bike retailer compete with online businesses and prosper in any economy.

Growth begins with deciding that this is what you want for your business. The next step is pursuing it relentlessly.

People looking for their first bike are encouraged by bike shops to talk to an expert. Bike shop owners wanting greater success should, likewise, talk to an expert.

Tower Systems develops and supports the industry standard bike shop software in Australia and New Zealand, the company helps bike shop retailers grow stronger and more valuable businesses.

To find out more about the Tower bike shop software, contact: NSW/ACT: Nathan Morrison 0417 568 148;  VIC/TAS: Jonathan Tay 0403 189 379; QLD/NT: Paul Slater 0434 365 789. SA/WA: Tim Batt 0401 833 917; NZ: Phil Daniels 0275 288 491. Website: www.towersystems.com.au