Our market share among newsagents has increased further since the start of the new financial year.  With more than 60% of newsagents with newsagency using our newsagency software, we offer the software product of record, the industry standard.  But newsagents switch to us for more than just this.  Here’s what they like:

  • Quick access to our Help Desk.
  • Easy access to a support escalation process.  This is a place where you can take more complex queries or issues with the quality of support provided.
  • Four free live online training workshops each week (except over Christmas)
  • Free one-on-one training through the year.
  • Regular free local user meetings through the year in 30 locations around Australia.
  • Free access to our Theft Check service that has helped catch and resolve more than one million dollars in theft by newsagency employees.
  • Free access to our Business Check service where we analyse your business data and provide tips and advice on improvement opportunities.
  • Free access to our Backup Check service where we check your backup data to ensure that you are backing up what you need to backup.

While having the best newsagency software, as voted by newsagents, is important, it’s the backup service that makes the real difference … every day.