Cloud is the new black in business software, the in thing. Some selling cloud based solutions are not real cloud. Others are touting cloud based systems on a price proposition that is, well, cloudy.

For some years we have been installing our Point of Sale software via a browser in retail businesses wanting this – eliminating complex technology from the retail store and thereby reducing the per store cost.  This is a cloud based solution.

Our pricing is transparent, the total cost of ownership knows. But most important of all, our customers get to talk to real people – in your store if you like.  This is important since many cloud software businesses don;t want to talk with you. To them, your business is a transaction … it could here here today and gone tomorrow.

Our approach to retail customer relationships is for the long haul. retailers understand the importance of personal contact with shoppers, contact through which they add genuine value.  This is a difference between our approach and that delivered by many cloud software companies.