Thanks to the runaway success of the Fifty shades of grey book, adult shops in Australia are seeing more shoppers and enjoying a surge in sales as a result.

Being able to offer current product responding to a shift in consumer demand is vital for any retaierl. The Fifty shades of grey book is driving a change in shoppers visiting adult shops.

The Tower Systems adult shop POS and management software is helping adult shop retailers to make the most of the traffic boost opportunity.  We are able to do this through facilities helpful to adult shop owners and managers. Facilities like:

  • LayBy.
  • Loyalty marketing.
  • Shopper rewards.
  • Customer touchpoint marketing.
  • Inventory management and reordering.
  • Employee management and monitoring.
  • Theft tracking.
  • Fast and accurate sales processing.
  • Supplier integration and connection.

Through our work with adult shop suppliers and adult shop retailers Tower Systems is helping retailers to make the most of the fifty shades opportunity.