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Tyro settlement reporting delay for retailers yesterday

Tyro broadband EFTPOS experienced a delay in full settlement processing yesterday. This resulted in short reporting on settlement reports. retailers can log on to the Tyro website for up to date settlement details.


New garden centre software drives spring sales

Garden centres using the latest garden centre software from Tower Systems are loving the loyalty facilities enabling them to capture shopper details through the Spring sales surge.

The garden centre software helps garden centre and nursery owners and managers to turn Spring time shoppers into long term customers thanks to smart sales tracking and loyalty marketing tools. This is vital as it takes a customer from being a one-off visitor to a loyal regular, someone most valued by the business.

Delivering access to these facilities through software tailored to the needs of a garden centre offers a more whole of business solution.

Too often, small business retailers chase a sale through a high season and fail to capitalise on the customer traffic surge into the years beyond. Every new shopper attracted in a major season is a new long-term customer opportunity. This is where the specialist garden centre software excels, helping garden centre owners to make the most of seasonal opportunities.


Christmas 2012 Ancol stock file available now

Earlier today we tested and loaded the Christmas 2012 stock file from Ancol. This is now available form our website.


New Kat Kards stock file loaded

We have tested and loaded the latest Kat Kards stock file to our website for access by retailers using our Point of Sale software.


Helping jeweller retailers deliver better than online customer service

Jewellers using the popular Tower Systems jeweller software are embracing opportunities to deliver exceptional customer service.

By focusing on customer service, high street jeweller retailers are able to more successfully compete against online retailers where customer service is less personal.

While online retailers have enjoyed time in the spotlight in recent years, smart jewellers and other retailers are delivering with exceptional customer service and trumping online businesses that use price as a differentiator.

When it comes to a jewellery purchase you can trust, a purchase that is often for life, trust and service become crucial with price a far distant factor.

Jewellers using the Tower jeweller software are able to build trust and deliver on customer service in a range of valuable and appreciated ways:

  • Professional communication thanks to an excellent customer database with extensive history.
  • Payment options thanks to LayBy and other payment services build into the jeweller software.
  • Easy tracking of internal and external repairs for customers.
  • Recording and managing warranty details.
  • Professional handling of secondhand goods.
  • Offering an integrated loyalty marketing facility to reward loyalty and understand the whole of life value of a customer.
  • TXT message connection with customers advising when special orders and done and when repairs are ready to be collected.
  • A closed loop link between eCommerce and high street businesses with a common stock file.

Customer service is vital to high street retailers competing with online businesses. Smart jeweller management software helps highs street retailers deliver better customer service.


New advice for POS software users

Tower Systems has today published another new advice sheet: G79 – Customer Discount Profiles. This advice sheet extends the reach of documentation provided to retailers using our Point of Sale software.

The customer discount profile sec;on of the customer screen allows you to set up discount se customers. This is extremely useful for VIP customers or customers who are a part of a discount based loyalty program. You can even set up specific department and category discounts per customer.

While these facilities have been in the Tower software for many years, this new advice sheet is timely in that it bring together current standard professional advice on the discounting tools.


Tower Systems preferred POS software supplier to gift and homewares shops

Tower Systems is into its third year as a preferred supplier for members of  Australian Gift and Homewares Association.  AGHA members  can access our terrific gift shop management software at a special AGHA member price. They can also tap into specialist support services and business performance analysis services … plus access invoice and catalogue data from a range of suppliers.

Thanks to our relationship with the AGHA, gift shop owners benefit from our regular participation in trade shows and other AGHA industry events.  This demonstrates support for the retail channel and provides us with excellent networking and learning opportunities – both of which are vital to developing better software.

To access the special pricing available to AGHA members, please contact a local Tower Systems sales person.


Training helps retail employees love POS software

Independent small business retailers we work with have more free Point of Sale software training opportunities this week:

  • General Q&A session 30 Oct 2012, 11:00AM
  • Getting started with Repairs 30 Oct 2012, 02:00PM
  • Open Forum Discussion Jewellers 1 Nov 2012, 11:00AM
  • Open Forum Discussion Nurseries 1 Nov 2012, 02:00PM

Each workshop is live and interactive. The sessions are designed for people using our software. This is why we make them accessible from any PC so that employees can access the training from home and in their own time.


Gun shop software helps gun shops track vital customer data

The Tower Systems gun shop software is getting more users as gun shop owners embrace its facilities for tracking serial numbers, managing age checks and providing good retail and inventory management to these vital businesses.

With regulations clear on data to be tracked in a sale, the Tower gun shop software is proving to be a good and helpful business tool, helping these retailers to ensure they meet regulatory obligations.

If you’d like to check out our easy to use Windows based Australian software suitable for your gun shop, please talk with one of your local experts:

  • NSW/ACT – Nathan Morrison 0417 568 148,
  • VIC/TAS – Anthony Franklin 0403 189 379,
  • SA/WA – Tim Batt 0401 833 917,
  • QLD/NT – Paul Slater 0434 365 789.

For just a few dollars a day you can have all you need to improve business security, make selling easier, have wonderful reports at your fingertips and make better informed business decisions.


The perfect time to leverage the LayBy opportunity

Whether you call it Lay Away or LayBy, the offer is the same to retail shoppers – choose what you want, pay a deposit and we will keep it aside for you until you want to take it home with you. LayBy has been important to retailers as it helps them lock a shopper in on a purchase when they may not have the money for the full price and do not want to use a credit card.

Our widely used small business Point of Sale software has offered LayBy facilities to retailers for many years. Retailers have used it for a few accounts through to well over 1,000 accounts. Our facilities have helped small business retailers compete with national chains.

Today, thanks to smart LayBy tools, it is easier than ever for small retailers to offer the service, track payments and manage the storage of LayBys. The end result is more business.

LayBy is just one more way the Tower Systems software is helping retailers to make more money by using their IT investment to its fullest. The more opportunities in the software that are used the stronger the business.


Poor customer service causes Cloud POS software to lose a customer

Retail businesses are open all hours, especially with so many operating web-stores and dealing with extended trading. We understand this here at Tower Systems and offer a genuine 24 hours a day 7 day a week help desk service.

Today, for example, our office-based help desk is open and dealing with retailer queries. It’s what we do and is a key factor in our success.

We know we’re providing the customer service retailers – online and high street – want when we have someone who has used a cloud based POS package talking to us because they want to deal with a human and want to know that they can call directly without having to only go through email.

Retail success is all about customer service. We understand that and live it every day.

Many cloud solutions are based on a model of adding as many as possible to the user community given that the drop-off rate is high since the investment to get on is minimal. This means a much higher cost to the software company to make new customers productive – if that’s the software companies care about this of course.


Adult shop software helps Australian adult shops grow

The adult shop software released by Tower Systems a year ago is helping adult shops in Australia to track sales, reward loyal shoppers, connect with suppliers, motivate employees and handle adult shop specific business management requirements.

By delivering adult shop specific facilities, Tower Systems is delivering a service of value of this strong retail sector and its suppliers. Employing thousands Aarond the country, the adult shop sector is important to employees, landlords, wholesalers, owners and others who rely on the sector for their income.

The success of the Fifty Shades of Grey series has boosted traffic for adult shops and the Tower adult shop software is helping them make the most of the opportunity.


Software support coverage is not mandatory at Tower Systems

We are welcome another retailer as a customer because their current software company turned off access to their software because the retailer did not want to continue to pay for what they considered to be poor service.

This retailer claims that when they purchased the software there was no mention of paying an annual fee being mandatory. There is nothing in their documentation.

They refused to pay more than $3,000 for what they say is almost no help.

Here at Tower Systems, software support coverage is optional. We want our customers to take out support coverage because they like what we do and not because of what we’d call economic blackmail.

Our market share tells us that plenty prefer our approach.


Helping Victorian newsagents with News Limited migration plans

We met earlier this week with News Limited representatives to go over plans for Victorian newsagents to embrace the migration of management of customer accounts for News Limited newspapers to News yet linked back to our software.

Having done this successfully in South Australia we are well positioned to help our hundreds of Victorian newsagents.

Being involved with News Limited at the trial stage of the project helps us to help newsagents make the transition and to better position their businesses.

Thanks to enhancements to our management structure we are able to better serve these and other structural changes with better customer support, more meaningful supplier interaction and greater preparedness for navigating change.


The value of Halloween as a retail season growing

We have seeing the economic value of Halloween grow in a range of retail sectors this year.

While traditionally strong in the gift and party space, Halloween is growing in value in other retail sectors as they embrace the opportunity to use the day and the lead up to it as a reason for themed promotions.

Thanks to shopper touch-points in our software such as ads on receipts and in-sale promotions on customer displays we are seeing more retailers use our Point of Sale software to leverage the Halloween opportunity.

Thanks to our experience in other retail sectors, we have been able to share advice on making the most of the Halloween opportunity ot those embracing Halloween this year for the first time.

While some distance form supporting Point of Sale software, we are thrilled to have experience on which we can draw to provide better customer service.


More retailers using Tower Systems Point of Sale software

2012 is proving to be another year of growth in customer numbers using Point of Sale software from Tower Systems. While the year has two months to run, our client numbers are up significantly across a range of marketplaces.

Adding new retail businesses to our customer community benefits us beyond the financial in that every customer adds to our knowledge and experience pool and this feeds into our ability to further enhance our software based on real needs.

While there are plenty in the media and elsewhere bemoaning the state of retail, we are thrilled to be enjoying growth and helping retailers to chase and enjoy sales growth. We see smart retailers making data-driven decisions that result in better financial returns from business.

We get a real kick from seeing out software used to drive retail business growth.

So, 2012 is a terrific year … we’re having a great time and loving it.


Bike shop software news supports bike shop management

Enhancements to the bike shop software page of the Tower Systems website deliver greater assistance to bike shop retailers and their suppliers.

By introducing a news feed of bike shop specific news, Tower Systems is showing off its knowledge and experience in serving the needs of bike retailers and their suppliers.

We have been serving bike retailers with bike shop specific software for more than ten years and are proud to count hundreds of bike retailers as customers. At the recent Ausbike trade show in Melbourne we got to meet many existing customers as well as new sales prospects while we showed off, on our trade show stand, the Tower Systems difference for bike retailers.

The website enhancements reflect our commitment to continuous improvement in the service we provide our bike shop software customers.


3 year on-site warranty peace of mind for POS software retailers

The three year on site warranty provided with the HP computers we supply as part of our retail management software solution is loved by our customers. Just knowing that they have three years of on site warranty coverage from a respected hardware manufacture offers tremendous peace of mind.

By partnering with HP, we have been able to focus our attention on software, our specialisation, and leave hardware experts to focus on hardware and after sales service.

The three year on-site warranty coverage for HP hardware is a tremendous point of difference for us, something customers talk about and love in the marketplace.


Christmas offer for retailers upgrading POS systems

Tower Systems has announced an offer to customers upgrading prior to Christmas. The offer is for existing Tower Systems Retailer POS software customers provides a discount on pre-Christmas upgrades as well as a funding opportunity. These opportunities combine to help Tower Systems customers to tap into additional savings as they enhance their IT infrastructure.


Touch Networks provide prepaid Visa update

Touch Networks yesterday provided this update in relation to the current suspension of Visa prepaid from their product offering and accessed through eziPass:

Further to the recent notification of the removal of Visa Prepaid via Touch due to a fraud, I want to advise that we are currently reviewing the requirements to put in place limits for the sale of the Visa prepaid products with the aim of reintroducing this product in the near future.  I will confirm the outcome of this review and the subsequent plans as soon as I am aware of them.


New stock files available for retailers including Pandora

Last week we tested, approved and loaded the following stock files to our website for users of our Point of Sale software to access:

  • Pandora Watches 2012 Australia and New Zealand
  • History and Heraldry Christmas Stock 2012
  • Crabtree and Evelyn October 2012



LayBy software helps retailers drive sales especially at Christmas

layby-management.jpgWhile many Point of Sale software packages offer LayBy (LayAway) facilities, few deliver flexibility which is vital in a retail situation. Ax retailers ourselves and having current experience with layBy, we have ensured that our software delivers retailer and shopper friendly facilities … delivering a classing win win.

We saw one software package recently where you had to tell the software that the customer wanted to Lay By an item before you started processing the sale.  This is poor design. using our software you can decide that it’s at layBy at any point in the sale processing.

Giving retailers the ability to set, manage and advise LayBy rules is another way retailers using our software can bring needed structure and certainty to the LayBy retail shopper offer.

Using our Point of Sale software package, retailers can process the sale as a Lay By at any point in managing the sale.  This delivers excellent flexibility to the retail associates, the business and, most important, the customers.

From our LayBy setup facilities (see screen shot) through to sales counter processing, we ensure that we deliver the flexibility, security and accuracy which are vital to the enjoyably offering of LayBy services in any type of retail business.

We are grateful to the feedback from our customers which enables us to continue to evolve our LayBy software, to keep it best practice in our various retail marketplaces. the latest enhancements to our LayBy facilities are being delivered this month in a fresh software update.


Free training to help retail Point of Sale software users

Independent small business retailers we work with have more free Point of Sale software training opportunities this week:

  • How to process an invoice arrival 23 Oct 2012, 11:00AM
  • Getting started with Multi-Store 23 Oct 2012, 02:00PM
  • How to set up SMS reports and marketing 25 Oct 2012, 11:00AM
  • How to cut costs in your business 25 Oct 2012, 02:00PM

Each workshop is live and interactive. The sessions are designed for people using our software. This is why we make them accessible from any PC so that employees can access the training from home and in their own time.


Targeting user-suggested Point of Sale software enhancements

Since we launched our exclusive and innovative Software Ideas service on our website many hundreds of our users have engaged, sharing with us their aspirations, suggestions and thoughts on enhancements we could make to our Point of Sale software.

This engagement has led to some valuable and loved changes.

Next week, we further expand our engagement with the Software Ideas suggestions through a new senior appointment within Tower Systems to make even faster progress on enhancement suggestions and to share feedback on facilities in the software that already address suggested changes.

In creating a new senior customer-facing role, Tower Systems is delivering more evidence of how a well-run  traditional approach to retail software delivery and service is more valuable than the much-touted cloud solutions that rarely deliver personal service.

Using Software Ideas, our customers get to tell us what they’d like to see in the software and other customers get to transparently vote. There is nothing like this in any of our retail marketplaces as a quick check of websites will show. The latest changes take the value we harvest through Software Ideas to a new level.


Developing better small business retailer / supplier EDI relationships

Thanks to a new senior management appointment within Tower Systems we are well positioned for anticipated growth in supplier to retailer EDI connections. Facilitating the easy flow of invoice and sales data is a a key benefit for retailers using our software and their suppliers. By identifying and resourcing a new role in our company to nurture these links we are leading on behalf of our current customers and those will join our community.

Newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers,garden centres, gift shops and homewares shops will all benefit from this new role. Already, this week, we have opened discussions with several suppliers new to the EDI opportunity.

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