We were contacted recently by a retailer using software from another software company. They were upset that access to a key facility through their software had been disabled by their software company. Here is what they told us:

Recently, we received the annually subscription bill from the software company we were using, it went up at least 10%. We consider the service they have provided us to be unacceptable.  There is no point to pay the subscription any more. Since we own the software, we should be able to keep using the software. However, today we found out we on longer able to download EDI invoice files from suppliers.

Blocking access to a business-critical function appears to be punishment to the retailer for not maintaining software support. Support is not necessary for processing the invoices, the retailer was not seeking support assistance. A facility that had worked for years stopped working the moment support was not renewed.

Tower Systems does not do this, we do not block access to our software or external links feeding our software if one of our customers decides to not continue software support coverage.  Our approach makes software support coverage genuinely optional. This is as it should be.

Retailers should continue with software support coverage if they like what we do and not because of frustration or pain that may come to their business if they do not maintain software support coverage.

We are pleased to have ben able to step in, show off our customer service and win a new customer.