The Ausbike bike trade show which ended on the weekend in Melbourne provided us with excellent feedback from bike retailers using our bike shop software. Existing customers shared wonderful feedback and sales prospects visited, telling us they were recommended by colleagues to consider our specialist bike shop software.

Our webstore integration has been of particular interest as we provide bike retailers with a genuine omni-channel opportunity – the ability to play online and through a high street retail store from the one inventory pool.

Ausbike this year has been a terrific trade show event, a most valuable experience. As one of the last trade shows for the year, we are thrilled to have brought trade show season to a close on such a high.

With more than ten years in the bike shop software space and excellent supplier connections and a software solution service business needs from the sales counter through to the workshop, we are well positioned to help bike retailers to leverage their exceptional service and specialisation into good business. we help manage sales, reward loyalty, handle warranty claims and give the business management a whole of business view.

Having more bike shop customers than any other bike shop specialist software company helps us stay ahead thanks to terrific supplier relationships that give us guidance on changes coning that can help bike shops prosper even more.

The flow-on benefit of our bike shop work is the retail experience they provide us with that links to other retail channels. Our work with other retailers certainly benefits from plenty of what we have learnt from bike retailers.