Newsagents love the Tower Systems newsagency software. Here are some comments made by over the last week when asked about their experience with Tower Systems:

We love Tower systems! The staff are friendly and can talk us through almost any problem over the phone.

We find the Tower Systems software very user friendly and the customer service exeptional.

Great software & excellent service. Massive requirements for succesful businesses!

A very user friendly system with great reporting amd marketing attributes.

We love getting customer feedback. We seek it through regular customer service surveys as well as through a structured escalation service where our newsagency customers can get right to the CEO of the company (Mark Fletcher on 0418 321 338) with any query. It is our accessibility through phone, email, mail, fax and a host of face to face opportunities that sets us apart in the newsagency channel.

With more than 1,800 newsagents is our customer community now we work hard to deliver professional service on time to our customers. We continue to achieve growth in newsagent customer numbers through a mix of greefield locations as well as newsagents switching from other software.