Retail businesses are open all hours, especially with so many operating web-stores and dealing with extended trading. We understand this here at Tower Systems and offer a genuine 24 hours a day 7 day a week help desk service.

Today, for example, our office-based help desk is open and dealing with retailer queries. It’s what we do and is a key factor in our success.

We know we’re providing the customer service retailers – online and high street – want when we have someone who has used a cloud based POS package talking to us because they want to deal with a human and want to know that they can call directly without having to only go through email.

Retail success is all about customer service. We understand that and live it every day.

Many cloud solutions are based on a model of adding as many as possible to the user community given that the drop-off rate is high since the investment to get on is minimal. This means a much higher cost to the software company to make new customers productive – if that’s the software companies care about this of course.