Jewellers using the popular Tower Systems jeweller software are embracing opportunities to deliver exceptional customer service.

By focusing on customer service, high street jeweller retailers are able to more successfully compete against online retailers where customer service is less personal.

While online retailers have enjoyed time in the spotlight in recent years, smart jewellers and other retailers are delivering with exceptional customer service and trumping online businesses that use price as a differentiator.

When it comes to a jewellery purchase you can trust, a purchase that is often for life, trust and service become crucial with price a far distant factor.

Jewellers using the Tower jeweller software are able to build trust and deliver on customer service in a range of valuable and appreciated ways:

  • Professional communication thanks to an excellent customer database with extensive history.
  • Payment options thanks to LayBy and other payment services build into the jeweller software.
  • Easy tracking of internal and external repairs for customers.
  • Recording and managing warranty details.
  • Professional handling of secondhand goods.
  • Offering an integrated loyalty marketing facility to reward loyalty and understand the whole of life value of a customer.
  • TXT message connection with customers advising when special orders and done and when repairs are ready to be collected.
  • A closed loop link between eCommerce and high street businesses with a common stock file.

Customer service is vital to high street retailers competing with online businesses. Smart jeweller management software helps highs street retailers deliver better customer service.