Bike shop owners we have spoken with tell us that the Lance Armstrong fall from grace over the last few months is not harming bike shop shopper traffic and spend. While there is talk in-store about Armstrong’s drug cheating, shoppers looking for new bikes and accessories express disappointment at the damage Armstrong has done to the image of pro cycling.

While there was some initial concern that the Armstrong scandal could harm sales, retailers using our bike shop software tell us that they are thrilled that there is no apparent decline in traffic or sales. Indeed, there is a solidarity between cyclists and their commitment to cycling as a sport and for recreation.

Bike shop customers love the professional care they receive from bike shops. They also love the professional advice and the camaraderie of the cycling community that gathers around each bike shop. Good bike shops are more than retail businesses, they are community centres sharing knowledge and passion for this wonderful sport and hobby.

Bike shop owners we know are committed to doing good through their businesses so it is no wonder they have been disappointed in the news about Lance Armstrong and have been strident in their criticism of his doping and the harm it has dome to competitive cycling.

In the ride to Christmas, bike sales are increasing … is are the sales of our bike shop management software. We are helping bike shop retailers make the most of the Christmas opportunity for benefit way beyond the Christmas season.