Tower Systems is hosting a free workshop for retailers on how to cut business costs next Thursday. Looking at a ran ge of cost cutting opportunities we wilol share with participants how others are cutting costs today.

Thanks to retail focused facilities in our Point of Sale software and our own experience as retailers using our software in various types of retail businesses, we have a kit of ideas to share, ideas that can be implemented in retail businesses without spending more money.

No technical expertise is needed, just a desire to run a more efficient and valuable retail business. We will share ideas and opportunities in layman-terms, participants will be able to get started right away.  Every day we encounter retailers who spend more time on things and who do not use their software to take on manual tasks. these are opportunities to save time for owners and managers and save time off the paid-for labour roster.

This is a genuine something for nothing opportunity from Tower Systems for retailers.

The one-hour workshop is open to anyone, bookings can be made from the training portal on our website.