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Storms & harsh weather challenge cloud based POS software

Super-storm Sandy crashed into the US earlier this week and delivered a reminder of the challenges faced by retailers who rely on cloud based POS systems or retail software solutions with state and national infrastructure underpinning access.

While there are benefits of genuine cloud based POS systems, there are risks too, especially if retailers do not plan and prepare for factors that can affect infrastructure outside their direct control.

Retailers using our Point of Sale software through browsers – without the need to install software at the store level – are fully advised about appropriate preparations for local processing in the event of an internet outage. they are also advised and prepared for power outages.

In this connected world where weather disruptions appear to be on the increase, being able to transact business in the face of environmental challenges is important, mission critical. Here at Tower Systems we can and do help.


  1. This is hardly an issue with just cloud based software. In fact when natural disaster hits your store in the vast majority of cases cloud based will be a great help, where none of your vital IT systems are stored on site.

  2. Tony if Net access is down you’re down. With good local disaster recovery you can be up and running without the Net. This is why retailers need the best of both worlds which we offer.

  3. “Tony if Net access is down you’re down” Not necessarily. You need to read more about HTML5, Localstorage and other new technologies that are helping SAAS operate even when not connected.

  4. Tony not all software companies have planned for this contingency like us.

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