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Learning from retailers to enhance the customer service experience

The time spent by our Customer Service Manager working behind the counter in several business recently – jeweller and bike in particular – has broadened our outlook on how we can help our customers more.

By watching our software being used we have been able to pick up on operational training opportunities, to lift the user experience. Going beyond traditional software training, we are preparing more practical training on better connecting the software to those working in the business.

While it is easy, relatively, to train users on what to do to get an outcome with the software, this software goes beyond and looks at operastion efficiency and certainty, going beyond traditional software training.

We appreciate the access provided to us by jeweller and bike retailers to enable us to get these insights.


  1. You are most welcome to send someone to experience using your software in a bookshop environment. Just give me a call sometime. It would be most beneficial to send a software developer who we can share our years of retail insights with – to help make Tower more suitable to the book industry.

  2. We did Karl and that lead to the most recent changes for bookshops.

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