With well our software being used in well over 2,000 retail locations delivering genuinely useful and stable software updates is a key requirement for us. We have a structured process all software changes go through. nothing is done on-the-fly without thorough consideration.

New facilities for our Point of Sale software go through a multi-stage design process that takes into account data flow, user interface, functional requirements and code integration. This is always documented prior to a single line of programming code is written, into a professional specification. This specification is reviewed by four points in our business.

While this seems like considerable red-tape, the result is valuable enhancements that are useful, well integrated and functioning as intended.

Many years ago backyard operators would develop business software without professional specifications. Today, mission critical business software applications require professional design and development. This is what we invest in at Tower Systems. The result is one of the reasons for our growth.

A good way to compare software companies would be to compare their design specifications. Those who say they don’t need them ought to raise questions.