While many gift shop owners and managers are focused on sales this Christmas season, the more important commercial benefit to any gift shop business is what it can leverage from this Christmas into sales through 2013 and even beyond.

Too often, retailers treat sales – and therefore business decisions – as a short term game whereas in successful retail businesses it is the long-term that delivers genuine success.

Here at Tower systems we help retailers play in both areas: running a successful short term sales opportunity like Christmas while at the same time harvesting and managing data to help the business over the long term. The long term will be more successful based on what you do in the short term. This is where we really help our retail partners.

This will lead to a difference between retail businesses that may have the same products, same service levels, same prices and operate in identical communities. The most successful business in the long term will be the business that manages seasonal data for long-term success.

While all this can sound boring, it goes to the heart of retail business success in today’s marketplace.

This is the Tower difference – helping retailers make the best return possible at every opportunity.