Tower Systems is helping more and more newsagents embrace the changes to their business model as a result of the newspaper distribution restructuring occurring as a result of the News Limited T2020 changes.

Indeed, it is our work on the T2020 model that is bringing more newsagents to us. They switch because of our leadership in the newspaper software distribution space. Some also switch because of our excellent positioning in the newsagency retail specialist space.

Our newsagency software is regarded as the industry standard. Our sheer customer numbers claim this position for us.

We talk with News Limited regularly and have newsagent customers in Queensland who are at the coal-face for the first t2020 changes. We lead by example and through practical assistance to deliver certainty to our customers.

Thanks to access to good business data and professional analytic skills we are able to help newsagents to look at their businesses objectively and to make decisions based on good business data, decisions that are founded in a professional assessment of business performance history.

Helping this well-established retail channel to reinvent is an important mission for Tower right now. We are here for our customers, current, new and future. We take our leadership role in the channel seriously and are committed to helping newsagents build stronger and more valuable businesses as result of the T2020 and other changes.