We love getting feedback from our customers, especially retailers who switch from another POS software product to ours. We especially love the unsolicited feedback months in, once a customer has had an opportunity to experience the day to day with us compared to their old POS software company.

One of our more recent customers shared this with us:

I was so despondent when I came to you as I was certain that you would be as bad as the previous two companies. You have restored my faith in software companies. I now believe what you told me, that not all software companies are the same. So, yes, I am glad I switched to Tower, very glad.

Now we can’t share their name here but this retailer is very happy having joined us after two pretty poor software support experiences form other POS software companies,

We live by the belief that we are only as good as our last support call. Believing this focuses our attention on each support call, making sure the experience is authentic, valuable and trustworthy. We know that this means as much to you as it does to us.