Party supply retailers are loving the balloon display job management facilities in our Point of Sale software. Thanks to job building, tracking and billing facilities we developed for jewellers and bike retailers, we have been offering balloon retailers the ability to capture vital data about balloon display jobs, track them through creation and then handle billing.

Being able to cost each part of display creation including products and services is important to the profitability of offering balloon displays on a commercial scale. Being able to do this without interfering with or hindering the workflow in a party supplies store is important for any small business. this is there the tower Systems POS software excels.

These facilities are available to any of our users through what we currently call the repairs module. The name can throw you off as it is being used for much more than this. It’s smart software for managing the creation and or manufacture of items in businesses for customers – tracking everything and keeping people in the loop all along the way.

Giving small business retailers the ability to streamline operations, properly account for everything involved in a product or service and to communicate in a timely manner with customers is three important wins for any business. We are grateful to our many customers who have so willingly shared their time and business insights to enable us to make such a useful software facility.