Newsagency software company Tower Systems has agreed acquisition terms with the owners of the MrNews newsagency software business.

MrNews serves in excess of one hundred home delivery newsagents in Western Australia.

Tower Systems will assume full responsibility for the MrNews software and customer service from early next month.

“We will maintain the MrNews software, price model and support. MrNews users will not be pressured to switch” commented Tower Systems Managing Director Mark Fletcher. “Our development and help desk teams will be trained in MrNews so that we can provide easy access to quality support.”

“We are thrilled to have found a place where MrNews users can be confident of access to good software and service” commented Arno Staub and Graham Kilmurray, the owners of MrNews. “We are looking forward to working with Tower, training their people and introducing them to our happy customers.”

The Tower development team has been working with West Australian Newspapers to be ready to support changes to their home delivery management and account payment model.

The acquisition, the second of a newsagency software company this year by Tower Systems extends its newsagent customer numbers to more than 1,900. The next largest newsagency software company is POS Solutions with an estimated 600 newsagents as customers.

“Newsagents concerns about T2020 and other challenges facing home delivery should see this investment by us as a show of faith in the newsagency marketplace and home delivery in particular.” Commented Mark Fletcher

The Tower software serves newsagents in newspaper distribution, sub agent management, retail management, stock control, theft management and supplier integration.

With consolidation of newsagency businesses and newsagent suppliers very much in play, this acquisition is not expected to be the last in the newsagency software space.

Newsagents using the MrNews software are welcome to contact MrNews or Tower Systems for more information. Once the hand over has been completed Tower Systems will email and mail help desk contact details to all MrNews customers.