We have been hosting another survey for newsagents this past weekend to harvest data relating to magazine supply – a matter dear to the heart of newsagents.

It is through offering valued services like this, beyond the newsagency software itself, that demonstrate genuine long-term commitment to marketplace. This is what software companies specialising in a marketplace need to do.  We can only do it through close contact with our customers.

While some software companies distance themselves from their customers through automated phone systems, email support and other tech type interfaces, we seek out more and more opportunities for authentic, live and valued interaction in each of the retail channels in which we serve. Small business retailers especially crave engagement specific to their business channel.  That is what this survey offers. The information can be used by them to improve their situation.

This survey, like our recent in-store observations with bike retailers and jewellers and our face to face user meetings and our free one on on training demonstrates a care about retail customer engagement beyond the sale of the software. It supports a long-term and valued relationship for the betterment of all businesses and individuals involved.