Our newsagency software customers are set for bonus sales with the news this week that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. Naturally, publishers are working feverishly to bring our special editions of their magazines to own the story.

The challenge for us as a software company is to provide our customers with advice for handling magazines that come out off cycle – at an unexpected time. Weekly magazines, for example, always come out the same day of the week. the software expects this. Any issue coming to market early needs to be handled differently. Also, publishers often ask that the previous issue stay on the shelves for a few days longer.

We seek early advice from publishers about on-sale date changes and we then publish advice to our customers so they can handle the change with ease and comfort.

This afternoon, we have emailed all of our newsagent customers with advice on how to handle the early publication of next week’s New Idea and Woman’s Day magazines. Owning newsagencies ourselves enables us to provide advice from the user perspective.

We expect that the royal pregnancy will give us more opportunities to demonstrate our customer service commitment as publishers and newsagents seek to make the most from the royal pregnancy. We are ready…