Retailers making good use of smart POS software are more likely to leverage business gains in 2013 from 2013 Christmas sales than those who use their point of sale systems as a glorified cash register.

How so?

Best practice retailers using our Point of Sale software will use the loyalty facilities to harvest shopper data. They will, through 2013, use that shopper data to market to their customers through carefully targeted campaigns.

So, which Christmas is about selling as much as you can at the best possible margin, it is also about storing everything you can for the following year.

Tower Systems provides practical help to retailers, guiding them to do more with their software through free training and a host of rich training and support resources … so that they can make more money in the year after a good Christmas retail season.

The Tower sales team will show retailers how they can do this. the Tower support team will show any existing customers how they can do this.