Management software for gun shops is set to play a bigger role in driving business success in 2013.

Australian software company Tower Systems has been working with gun shop owners to refine its gun shop software to deliver even better business outcomes and serve the specific needs of the specialist retail channel.

Using this Point of Sale and back office management software, gun retailers are able to leverage software solutions for key business requirements including:

  • Serial number tracking
  • Second-hand goods management
  • Customer age checking
  • Customer accounts and LayBy
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Employee sales tracking
  • Theft reduction and management
  • Gift vouchers – your own vouchers easily managed
  • Employee roster
  • Valuable reports
  • Fast integrated EFTPOS

Better than a generic POS software program, The Tower solution delivers safe and secure access to facilities specific to the business needs of today’s modern gun shop.

Being Australian owned and developed, this software will continue to evolve to serve the needs of the marketplace.