Plenty of retailers using our Point of Sale software make use of the ability to track sales by employees and, through this, reward above average performance through commission and other payments.

Our POS software makes it easy to track sales closed by employees. This is particularly useful in retail businesses selling high ticket price items … like jeweller, homewares, bike shop and gift businesses.

With no extra effort, our software tracks the sale by employee and facilitates reporting for whatever period over which the retailer may offer an employee rewards program. This is an excellent way for driving employee engagement and thereby lifting sales.

Christmas is an excellent way for engaging with such a program – giving employees extra incentive to deliver extra benefits for the business and thereby help the business make the most of Christmas sales opportunities.

Through our POS software help desk we are able to help retailers not only use the software to track sales by employees, we can also offer advice and assistance on structuring such programs for the benefit of the business and its employees.