One of the new clients we installed this week was a conversion from another POS provider. The customer switched because of poor support, noting that support calls to their help desk often went unreturned for four days, sometimes more.

back on the days of One Tel, the story was that they dealt with long help desk queues by turning off the phone system and clearing their call backlog. If true, it would certainly have made their numbers look better. The customers lose is such a situation, just as they lose where a software company leaves their help desk call sitting in a queue for days on end.

We pride ourselves on a rapid response to queries to our POS software help desk here at Tower Systems. We have a sizeable team ready to take calls.  they are backed up by a proactive management team.  We’re on call 24/7.  And we use a sophisticated CRM solution to track all activity and report back to our customers – so they are always in the loop.

We love welcome businesses switching from other software as it reminds us to ensure that our support is the best it can be … always.