We have written to newsagents this week with advice and offers of support for the opportunities to be found in changes in 2013.  The letter from our managing director opens…

2013 will see the most significant change in the newsagency channel and newsagency businesses in decades.

T2020 will become a reality on the Eastern Seaboard, separating newspaper distribution and retail businesses, bringing about far-reaching changes in magazine distribution and shifting the focus of many from a mixed business to a retail only business.

I have owned and operated newsagencies since 1996 and I have owned Tower Systems since 1981.  I and my team are engaged with newsagents for the long haul.  With more than 1,800 newsagents as customers we are the industry standard software company.

In 2007 I sold my newspaper distribution business, publicly stating at the time that it was no longer practical to run a mixed business.

Through Tower we serve the largest combined distribution business delivering more than 30,000 newspapers a day and serving well in excess of 200 sub agents. We serve many other distribution only businesses in several states with thousands of customers and more than 100 sub agents.

We are T2020 ready.

Newsagents will receive the letter by the end of this week.