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There is a danger in automatic POS software updates for retailers

Like Apple, we give our customers control over the timing of updating their software. This is what small business retailers prefer. They do not want to find their software changed without control.

In one situation recently, a retailer using another POS software package found their software updated without their control and a bug introduced that caused considerable negative impact on the business and customer relations.

Retailers who do not control when their software is updated can experience significant disruption to their business that can take considerable time to discover and resolve.

It’s considered best practice for retailers to control when they update their software. We give our customers this choice.



  1. Automatic updates have been considered ‘best practice’ for years now. And clearly you don’t use Apple products like iTunes which constantly nag you to install updates when they are available.


  2. Apple gives you the option to choose when to update. Customers appreciate this. We know from our own customer engagement what our customers prefer. We are the biggest in most of our channels because of this.


  3. Can’t count the times Adobe or Windows automatic updates have given me grief. The message that my computer needed to be restarted after an update is not helpful when auto back ups and other function cannot be completed. Much rather be given the option to update and be able to complete my work in my time frame.


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