Choosing the right Point of Sale software is vital for any retail business. get it wrong and you can have wasted plenty of money and time. get it right and you can have a business bottom line that is healthier.

Here are some key areas you should research carefully by talking to your prospective POS software company and their customers:

  1. Customer service. What is included in the annual software support fee?
  2. Software access. Does the software keep working if you opt to not take out annual support coverage?
  3. Reports. How do the reports look, are they useful and do they cover what you need.
  4. Speed. Hoe easy is the main screen in the software, the POS screen, to use? Is it fast and intuitive?
  5. Training. What training options are available and what’s the cost?
  6. New staff. how easy is it for you to access training for new employees?
  7. Contact. How easy is it for you to contact senior management in the POS software company?
  8. Customer satisfaction. Is the POS software company happy for you to contact any of their customers?
  9. Price compare. Check to see what others have paid for the software. Some companies charge different prices.
  10. Supplier connections. make sure that the software has current connections for all suppliers of interest to you.

This list is just the start of what you should check when considering a Point of Sale software package. Do your research before you buy and reduce the stress after you buy.