Thanks to today’s connected world it is easier than ever for customers and prospective customers, individuals and businesses, to check if a company is lying.

A quick search can check a claimed fact for accuracy. An email, text, online message, Skype or some other digital comms with a competitor can allow a sales prospect to see if a sales pitch statement is true.

Today’s connected and searchable world is a sales prospect’s best friend. There is no excuse for being fooled by a sales pitch that a company provides the best customer service or a claim that a company was first to deliver a particular technology. Thanks to the ease of such research companies making any claim need to ensure that the claims are truthful.

We encourage sales prospects considering purchasing our Point of Sale software to check us out online and among their peers. For years we have run our business knowing that in this era, more than at any time in the past, our actions speak louder than words and our actions can be searched.

Thanks to Google we are able to help prospective customers compare us, to see where others may be making claims that are not supported in fact.