Retail trends are in the news a lot these days thanks to a penchant among news outlets for reporting store closures and documenting what they consider to be a battle between online and high street retail businesses. While much is written and broadcast, there is little deep assessment in the context of the small and independent retailer.

We are interested in retail trends here at Tower Systems because we care about the more than 2,500 retail businesses we serve with our Point of Sale software. Since most of our clients are small independent retailers, we look at trends and go out into the world in search of information in trends through the prism of the small business retailer.

Four members of our leadership team have just returned to Australia having attended the US National Retail Federation 2013 NRF Big Ideas conference at the Jacob Javits Centre in New York with 27,000 other retail and IT professionals. We were among a very small group of Australians to attend this important event. We participated in conference keynote sessions and smaller group sessions and visited many suppliers on the large (6 football feilds in size) trade show floor.

Of particular interest to us was day-long Main Street USA workshops covering small and independent retail businesses – trends and innovations. the insights gained from this particular day will help us have even more meaningful discussions with our customers and sales prospects.

So, what’s next for retail? We welcome opportunities to talk with and share with retailers our insights and understandings so that we can all benefit from what we have learned from this latest study trip overseas.