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Helping newsagents navigate T2020 newspaper distribution changes in 2013

Last week we hosted the first of several meetings for 2013 with newsagents on the News Limited T2020 project. We briefed them on the latest software enhancements being developed and coming from our advance engagement with the t2020 project.

With T2020 live right now, it’s important that newsagent suppliers, including software companies, are proactively helping with software enhancements and and access to knowledge and insights with which newsagents can make better business decisions. Tower Systems is doing this through newsagent briefings, software enhancements and access to free training.

2013 will be a year of extraordinary change for newsagents. Coupled with change is a deep reservoir of opportunity. We see it as our job to help newsagents fish this reservoir and to land these opportunities into sales and business growth for a brighter future.

2013 is off to a good start thanks to our planning last year and our early engagement with newsagents already this year.

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  1. With the changes that News Limited are making with the set up of Newsagents.Who will be making the deliveries of the Newspapers eg, Daily Telegraph from the Print site?Will it still be distributed by the existing contractors that News Limited employ now? Are the existing contractors not going to be needed with the new T2020 structure in the future?

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