Years ago we partnered with WebEx (owned by Cisco) for the platform for our online training workshops and POS software online user meetings.  While more expensive, we selected WebEx because it was rated by users and business analysts alike as the best practice online meeting hosting platform.

We were the first in our then four key marketplaces, newsagents, jewellers, bikes and gift shops, to host online meetings and knew that whatever we did would serve as a benchmark.

We reassessed the best platform last year and again this year. WebEx is still regarded as number one. there have been user pools and assessments by renowned It experts. WebEx continues to evolve and offer a best-practice and respected solution. This is why we continue to use it and endorse it.

Our online training and user meeting services have not been interrupted or slowed. Indeed, as a check of the training portal at our website shows, interaction from with and by our customers using the WebEx hosted services is up in 2013 on 2012. Customers love the free service.

Online training and online hosted user meetings are a valuable point of difference for Tower Systems, something we are proud to continue to invest in.