Tower Systems is thrilled to be launching today a new training curriculum for for retailers using its Point of Sale software.

Having announced fresh new online training workshops a few weeks ago, more than 80% of available spots have been booked for the free live online workshops.

The new curriculum kicks off today with a session on Using Catalogues and Promotions to Build Your Business:

Catalogue marketing is a very important part of many businesses throughout a year – periods such as Back To School, Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas are all common discount promotion seasons. This training session will teach users how to quickly and easily set up a sale or promotion and how to track its success.

By the end of today, 28 businesses will have participated in the two live online workshop sessions we are hosting. These are businesses from many different locations and in many different businesses.

In addition to the training delivered, the workshops provide an excellent opportunity for the business owners to network and for them to provide us with direct customer feedback.

We are very excited to have this new live training program up and running for 2013 and to have so many of our customers engaging with the training.

The result will be retailers using our Point of sale software to drive more value from their businesses.