Tower Systems early this month launched a Happy retailers … happy customers campaign, promoting the joy and commercial pleasure that can come from using good POS software to its fullest in a small and independent retail businesses like bike shops, jewellers, gift shops, homewares stores, adult shops, newsagents, garden centres, nurseries and gun shops.

Our core focus as a company is on small and independent retail businesses. We love dealing direct with the owner and enjoy a direct connection. This is rare when dealing with bigger businesses like retail chains.

The core message of our Happy retailers … happy customers campaign is optimism, optimism about retail and about small and independent retail in particular.

Every day we see wonderful success stories. Thanks to our retail community connections we can share these, to help more businesses share the optimism and chase growth.

While we are only a couple of weeks in, this campaign has gained excellent support with prospects across a range of marketplaces growing.