Distribution newsagents are coming to realise the scale of change to their businesses as a result of the News Limited T2020 restructuring of newspapers in Australia.

Tower Systems has been across T2020 since its inception in part because of our market share – more newsagents use our newsagency software than all other software products in the marketplace combined.

Years ago we promised newsagents that we would walk the part of restructuring with them and we continue to do that today. We are connected to various suppliers, experts in the field and newsagents of all sizes. each week sees progress in the form of software enhancements, supplier discussions or newsagent discussions.

Whether it is a group of newsagents working together to amalgamate or working with a larger network to contract out services, we are part of the process.

Newsagents using our newspaper distribution software have an advantage thanks to our activity on a variety of fronts. we will ensure that this continues as T2020 rolls down the Eastern Seaboard.